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Low-income families received aid in Ramadan

28.03.2023 / 7

In the Islamic Cultural Center of Kyiv, the distribution of food kits for the in-need took place. The action under the name of "Ramadan food parcel" was organized by the Council of Ukrainian Muslims with the support of the Australian charity Human Appeal Australia (HAA).

Each set contains: 5 kg of flour, 5 kg of pasta, 5 kg of rice, sugar and oatmeal, 3 liters of oil, 500 g of tea, stew, etc. The weight of such a package is 30 kg.

Given the current situation, food aid was received by low-income Muslim families, internally displaced persons and other categories of people that are in need of financial support.

According to Ismail Kady, the director of the capital ICC, the charity event was organized by the Council of Ukrainian Muslims on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan:

“On the weekend of the first week of fasting, we created and distributed 200 large food kits. Each traditionally included long-term storage products, that is cereals, butter, and tea. Ramadan is the month of kindness and generosity.”

As the coordinator of the campaign Amin Al-Qasem noted, in helping one's brother in faith is a great reward from the Almighty:

“The action in Kyiv, as well as the actions planned for the next week in other cities of Ukraine, is clear evidence of brotherly help from our partners. We really want every Muslim, regardless of their financial situation, to experience the joy of worship in this month.”


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