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"Nurturing nature is our priority": Muslims of Lviv Region joined the tree planting campaign

29.04.2023 / 7

Activists of the Islamic Cultural Center named after Muhammad Asad, together with caring Lviv residents, once again joined the tree-planting campaign.

As part of the Greening of the Planet project and the “DobroDiy” initiative, on April 22, World Earth Day, about 32,000 trees were planted in 6 locations in the Lviv Oblast.

The goal of the campaign is to plant 1 million trees with the help of 5,000 people in Ukraine and the world, and also to raise money for the purchase of a car for the needs of the Armed Forces.

This spring, Muslim volunteers planted pines and oaks on the territory of the Yavoriv forest farm. About 40 people worked at the location, 12 of them were Muslims.

According to Sofia Umryakova, coordinator of the action, planting trees for Muslims means doing what pleases God:

“This is not the first time we have taken part in planting trees together with the activists of the community "DobroDiy", which is not surprising, because Muslims in Ukraine care about the well-being of their Motherland. This is the first time we participated in planting trees, but as I said, we do it every year. Nurturing the nature created by Almighty Allah is a priority for the followers of Islam. Not only that, it is part of religious precepts. By planting trees, we Muslims are making long-term alms, Sadaqah Jariyah.”

The main initiator of the action, Hanna Krysyuk, the founder of the "Greening Ukraine" charitable foundation, in the live broadcast coordinated activity in the oblasts of Ukraine and 30 countries of the world, where Ukrainians planted 1 million trees in a total of 70 locations.

“We are planting trees both in Ukraine and around the world for the third year in a row. We already have 34 million trees, of which about 10 million are in Ukraine. Our goal is to restore the planet's ecosystem and unite people around social goals,” said Ms. Krysyuk.


Reference. Sadaqah Jariyah is a long-term (endless) almsgiving. As long as a donation or a good deed benefits people, the person who did it will receive a reward, even after his death.


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