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The occupiers seized the Children's Center of the Council of Ukrainian Muslims

06.03.2023 / 5

The occupying Russian authorities in the temporarily occupied Henichesk seized the building of the Children's Recreation Center belonging to the Council of Ukrainian Muslims. This was announced by the head of the organisation Seyran Aryfov.

With the contributions of benefactors, the Council of Ukrainian Muslims bought a two-story building in Henichesk and rearranged it to hold summer health camps for children:

“For several years, we have used this centre in Henichesk to hold various cultural, educational, religious, sports and health events, mainly for children and teenagers. It is quite conveniently located, not far from the sea. In the summer, we organized camps for children there.”

The head of the Muslim Council does not have information about how exactly the occupiers plan to use the seized building of the Children's Center:

“The only thing we know is that they have already started taking away our property, furniture, and equipment. After all, we bought everything new there, furnished it. It was an empty room. They even started uprooting the trees that grew in the yard for something, because there was also a large adjacent area where children played various active games during health camps. But what exactly will happen there, or will they just be enough by looting and taking away the property, I do not know.”

At the same time, the seizure of the Sheikh Seyran’s Children's Center is not surprising:

“Frankly speaking, we were ready for a long time that sooner or later the occupiers would come there. With attention to the Council of Ukrainian Muslims public position, our activity and Russian occupation disapproval, this had to happen. I hope that after the de-occupation of this territory we will be able to resume the work of the center.”


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