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Halal Production of "Nasha Ryaba"

26.01.2012 / 20658
In the beginning of 2012 the ICC "Alraid" entered into the new agreement with the known manufacturer of chicken meat and offal, the ТМ "Nasha Ryaba". Henceforth all Muslims of Ukraine have a possibility to buy chicken meat and offal which corresponds to the requirements of the standard "halal" in all shops which are engaged in realization of production of the ТМ "Nasha Ryaba" in any city of the country.
Such production will be marked by a special code "Derzhvetnaglyad" (23-07-32). If on packing this code is specified, and as the place of manufacturing "Mironivska ptahofabryka", Cherkasy region, Kanivsky area, Stepantsi village is designated, this product is produced in accordance to the norms of Shariat and is suitable for consuming by Muslims, even at absence on it of "halal" mark and the logo of "Alraid".
The deputy director of the ICC "Alraid", Wael Alami, told about cooperation with the trade mark "Nasha Ryaba". 
 Mister Alami, how cooperation of "Alraid" with one of the leading manufacturers of chicken meat in the country started?
The initiative completely belonged to the manufacturer. The management of "Nasha Ryaba" had plans to deduce its production on the market of halal products for export to the Muslim countries, and manufacture in Stepantsy village was opened for this purpose; and only some time later, considering market condition, the decision on realization of the given production in our country was accepted.
The company management started to search for ways of realization of this aim. For this purpose they found us, called us and dealt to meet. The arrived manager on sales wanted to learn, what conditions are necessary for observing on manufacture that the production would correspond "halal" standard and how it is possible to receive the corresponding certificate. Having learned that we are authorized to certificate conformity of production to the "halal" standard, the company management invited us to an integrated poultry farm in Stepantsy village.
It is necessary to notice that "Nasha Ryaba" became the first manufacturer of chicken meat which addressed for reception of the certificate; earlier we were addressed by manufacturers of dried milk, eggs, and sausages.
As a part of the Religious Administration of Muslims of Ukraine "Ummah" with which we closely cooperate, functions "Committee on fatwa at the RAMU Ummah". It consists of Imams with Shariat education, and from the members of this committee the commission which left on manufacture for studying of the issue was created.
The commission came to a conclusion that the conditions observed on the poultry farm, will correspond completely to the norms of Shariat if the voltage would be lowered, that the hen went on slaughter deafened, but still alive. For this purpose we found out from scientific sources and fatwas of modern Islamic scholars maximally admissible voltage at which this hen can be slaughtered according to the norms of Shariat. We were not limited just to theory. It was checked up by practical consideration: some tens of hens were consistently deafened, and then left to recover. And after just about 10-15 minutes each of them rose and behaved normally. 
 How the control over observance of norms of Shariat on manufacture is observed?
When all conditions of production of chicken meat and offal were coordinated, we agreed that on manufacture there should constantly be present two of our experts, practicing Muslims. They are authorized by the "Committee on fatwa at the RAMU Ummah" and had necessary theoretical and practical preparation.
The first checks the brought hens, that all of them were alive and healthy. Then he reads over them a supplication-dua to the Almighty and employees of the poultry farm under his management and control place birds on the conveyor which moves to the pool with water. Hens being over the pool are deafened by a thin stream of water. Hardly water touches a head of a hen - electric shock deafens it, but the hen stays alive. It is made that hens easily went for slaughter, did not spin, did not escape, did not see death of other hens and did not experience any stress.
Further instant beheading in mechanical way takes place. It is supervised by our second expert. He is obliged to take care that beheading of a hen took place instantly; he also slaughters hens which for some reasons avoided a mechanical knife.
Further hens are freed of blood and they go on for cutting and packing.
The integrated poultry farm in Stepantsy village is engaged in manufacture of halal chicken meat, therefore contact of meat of the slaughtered hens with non-halal products at any stage of manufacture is impossible.
 The badge "Halal" is easily distinguished visual marker on product packing. What for it is replaced with the code and point of production?
It is a provisional measure, as the ТМ "Nasha Ryaba" ordered for the future a considerable quantity of packing materials. At the moment of the order of packing the manufacturer did not pass certification on conformity of its production to the norms of Shariat yet, and for this reason there are no "halal" marks on the packing intended for home market. Packing of export frozen production already contains a corresponding logo as its manufacture was initially focused on export that was considered by design working out.
At present the new design of packing materials is developed for home market which provides presence of corresponding marks, therefore further search of halal production of the ТМ "Nasha Ryaba" in shops becomes more convenient. The manufacturer will start using of new packing as soon as those available in stock finish.
— Does the certificate has a period of validity, and is there any additional control in its action?
The certificate stands out for one year. On the expiration of this period certification procedure repeats. Moreover, during certificate period of validity carrying out of exit checks on manufacture are possible, and under such circumstances only diligent manufacturer starts to undergo the procedure of certification which is voluntary.
Moreover, in this case certification halal passes not only the ТМ "Nasha Ryaba", but also its partners who buy chicken meat "Nasha Ryaba" for its further realization or as components. These companies become initiators of repeated certification of the goods. Thus, production passes some levels of check that is an additional guarantee for the final consumer.
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Assalamu alaikum,
You have mentioned that in super market of "shilpo" your production of 'наша риба' is HALAL if it has the code,but actually it was not there since i was trusting to buy that.Now it is not the matter i just want to know if in the absence of code. Is it HALAL? Or not?

syed ali


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